Losing the Feeling of Feeling Unique

I have an Intro to Logic test tomorrow, so what better time than now to write a new post in this here blog? So nothing is official yet, but Corey and I might be getting out of New York sooner than expected. HOORAY! If he takes a class or two during the summer he may be able to graduate this coming fall (when I do). Only issue there might be is that the summer semester ends about a day after we leave for Israel, so Corey needs to get permission from the instructor that he can take the final (if there even is a final in that class) early. Neither of us sees a reason why the instructor would say no. Corey's taken a course with this guy before, so yeah. But I've been feeling a lot less... not depressed, but I can't think of the right word, since I found out about this. It would be so wonderful to leave this G-d forsaken town 5 months earlier than expected.

In other news, I watched Evil Dead II today. Not as good as The Evil Dead, but it was mildly entertaining. As entertaining as terrible acting and a plot you've seen before, but rewritten in a worse manner can be. All that's left is Army of Darkness and I've heard from several people that its the best of the three. The Evil Dead was pretty awesome, so I have very high expectations for this one.

I have more on my mind, but I can't seem to articulate it in even a mildly intelligent way, so I will leave it for another day.

//Panic! at the Disco's Nine in the Afternoon


No Time To Think Of Lyrics -- I'm Going to be Late For Work

Corey and I went back to my home town for the long weekend. One of my best friends got married on Presidents Day. I'd have to say that was the best wedding I've been to since my own (pretentious, much?). One of the best parts of the wedding was that it wasn't in New York. Okay, that's not actually one of the best, but I needed a smooth transition into a rant on how much I hate New York. I really don't understand why people are allowed to live here. It is over-crowded. People here are mean. Aside from my friends and family (and extended family) that live here, no New Yorkers even seem to notice this. Corey and I are stuck here for only 1 year and 3 months more, then we're off to either my hometown or his. I find myself wanting more and more to move to my home town though, since most of my closest friends from high school have moved back there.I don't want to have to make new friends!


Not Asking For This Trite Vaccination

I found out yesterday that I won't be graduating this summer. Oh well, only have to wait one extra semester. Because of this I decided to drop a class (I was only taking 6 this semester because it was the only way I could have a chance to graduate during the summer, but, alas, that's not happening). Which class did I drop? Well, based on the picture that should seem fairly obvious, but I'll tell you anyway: Marx. It is my first class of the day on Monday and Thursday. I was actually enjoying the class and could have dropped one other instead (that I don't find particularly interesting... because of the teacher), but I chose this one because there was a required half hour oral presentation with a partner. That sealed the deal for me.

In other news, I downloaded The Evil Dead Trilogy. So far I have only watched part one: The Evil Dead. I'd have to say watching this movie was a very enjoyable experience. Yeah, there are many inconsistencies. Yeah, the movie is cheesy as anything. Yeah, the characters weren't built up nearly enough. But there were so many great parts that make up for it. While I was watching the movie I was writing down all the parts about it I liked and/or found to be original. Here is that list (with some minor editing to make it coherent to everybody else):
1. When Scottie goes into the cellar you expect him to jump out and scare them after about minute. He doesn't. The suspension continues building as Ash goes into the cellar to check on him. Again, we expect Scottie to jump out. But no, the suspension is built even more as Ash spends a few minutes looking around and then finally "Boo!".
2. Sheryl got raped by a tree. How do you fill out that police report?
3. Pencil. In. Ankle. AAAHHHH!!!!
4. When Scottie is killing the possessed version of Sheryl and it gets all red. It's almost beautiful. Very artistic for such a b-(or rather, c-)movie.
5. They lock up possessed Sheryl and she's mocking them the whole time. It's creepy and hilarious!
6. Possessed and laughing Linda. Epitome of creepy.
7. The light-bulb filling with blood... very cool.
8. Water mirror... whoa.

//Action Action - "Bleed"


It's Just Cheaper That Way

I finished my 'D' book, finally! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, maybe I expected too much from you. I was bored throughout the first few and last few chapters, though the middle chapters were quite interesting. I could have done without the last chapter completely and I wish the ending of the second to last chapter were entirely different. Sorry for being so cryptic, but in case you do want to go out and read this, I don't want to ruin the less than extraordinary ending for you.

//"I Don't Wear a Coat" by Socratic


Closer Than My Peeps You Are To Me

I got a job at a local college (through the help of nepotism, of course). I'm working in the office of one of the departments. Today was my first day. I was only there for 4 hours, but OH MY G-D! I'm sure other people who have worked in offices before would think this day was easy, but I've never worked in an office before. I've been a dog walker and a kennel technician (read: I took care of puppies all day). Neither of those jobs has much, if any, paper work, phone calls, students, etc to go along with it. Here is an actual conversation I had today.
*Phone rings*
Me: ______ Department, how may I help you?
Phone: Hi, I'm looking for the ______ department, but I think I have the wrong number.
Me: Okay, hold please. *Put her on hold and ask a woman I work with* How do I transfer someone to the ______ department?"
Woman I work with: This is the ______ department.

I felt soooooo stupid! Afterward the woman I work with told me not to feel bad at all. "We all go through it." That's true, but I'm the only one going through it right now. Whatever, in a few weeks this will all be just another blog post, so I'm not stressing.... too much.

//That song by Shaggy.. what's it called again? One of the guys at work had a radio on and this was one of the many "mix radio" songs that was played.