In the Night, Night, Night, I Never Know Why

I've been blogging for a while now, so it's time for the inevitable "I'm a diseased freak" post. Okay, so I just made that up, but I think its a good topic sentence for this post...
About two months ago I went to the doctor. She took some blood. Turns out I have a messed up thyroid. The thyroid hormone is "sluggish". She put me on some medication to help it out and told me to come back in two months to make sure all is good. Tuesday was my appointment. I got back the results today. She had to up my medication a bit (which isn't that scary since she had me on the lowest possible dose). Turns out she had also checked on my anti-bodies this time around. They came back positive which, I think, means that my body created anti-bodies to make sure the medicine doesn't work. Stupid body! Also turns out that not only is my thyroid sluggish, but it can also be hyper-active and perfectly normal at times. Stupid thyroid! I can't say I'd be too heartbroken if it decided to go hyper on me for a bit... But yeah. When I found out about this two months ago, I'm not going to lie, I started crying like a baby. I don't like taking pills. They suck. And now I'm pretty much stuck on pills (and getting a blood test three times a year) for the rest of my life. Stupid blood! I'm used to it now though. Not too scared anymore. And now I get to say "I have a glandular problem" in a funny voice and really mean it, so that's a plus...

//"A Wolf Among Lilacs" - Medicated Kisses

"Middlesex" Jeffrey Eugenides

Finally finished the "E" book. 529 pages is a bit much for me, but there really was nothing in the story that could have been left out without making it incomplete. Very interesting story told in an interesting manner. I wouldn't say its a must-read, but if you're in the mood for a good story, by all means, pick this book up. I wish I had more to say on it, but there's really nothing else to say. Its a well written, interesting story.


I Want It To Feel

So apparently today is the holiday of Purim. Could have fooled me. I heard the megilah last night. Heard it again this morning. Gave some shaloch manos to people, cooked the seudah and ate it. Still, it just doesn't feel like Purim. This is mine and Corey's first holiday as a married couple without any family (other than each other). Actually, this is our first holiday (whether married or not) with less than 3 people involved. It's just us today. Feels like pretty much any other day. Feels as if we just had a nice, slightly fancier than usual, lunch together. And though this has very little, if any, correlation I can't help but feel even more hatred toward New York.

//"I Want It To Feel Like Love" by The Hint


Your Skin Makes Me Cry

I feel like a weirdo sometimes. And I like it. I've decided to watch every zombie movie and short film known to man in chronological order. I want to see how the zombies evolved over the years, take notes on consistencies and inconsistencies and eventually figure out the philosophy of the zombies. I watched number one on the list today: White Zombie. Its a 1932 talkie with Bela Lugosi. I can definitely appreciate it as the originator of the now infamous zombie sub-genre, but as a film itself, it was not very good. There were many inconsistencies in the movie and the version that I watched had terrible sound quality. Thankfully I was able to hear it well enough that I could take notes on it. There is one thing that this zombie movie has that some other zombie movies miss out on: the zombie face. Many zombie movies portray zombies as angry or emotionless, but in this movie they were portrayed as sad nomads. Or rather, their faces portrayed that image. I would watch this movie again in a heartbeat simply to see those faces.

I plan on writing reviews of all the movies I watch on my website and eventually write about the zombies themselves. And if you haven't checked out my website, please do and let me know what you think. There will be some minor changes in the next few weeks to the layout and possibly some additions (I just need to sit down and focus). But in the mean time, please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism, emphasis on constructive, is always welcome.

//Radiohead's "Creep" -- if you've never heard this song before, download it immediately. If you can't find the song anywhere, I'll e-mail it to you!


Soon Enough For You

I accomplished a goal I set for myself this year. I have learned HTML and created a website using HTML. You can view the said site here. If for whatever reason the link doesn't work, just copy and paste this url: http://philosophy.and.mixtapes.angelfire.com
I actually still have more ideas for it. I'm thinking of adding thumbnail pictures of the books in the ABC section. Right now it looks kind of blah and I think the pictures could really add something to it. And as for the (f)Art page, I don't really have much there at all. I have ideas in my head for stories, it's just hard to write them down in a coherent manner. It feels good to have accomplished a goal for the year already. And its only March! The goal I'm looking most forward to is graduating. Unfortunately, it is not possible for that to happen until December, so I'll have to be patient. I'm trying to remember if I had set any other goals for myself? I know that I had wanted to learn to knit, but I don't think that's going to happen until Corey and I are out of New York. I tried watching a video of someone starting off a knit (sorry if that's not the correct word) and I was completely lost. I need someone to actually show me in real life and, thankfully, my mom knows how to start it off, at least. I actually do have another goal, I'm just not sure that I really want to share it just yet. Maybe once I've actually accomplished it I'll be able to talk about it, but until then, I'll just keep you all in suspense.

//The Get Up Kid's "Fall Semester"