[No Lyrics. It's The 3 Weeks!]

I had a[n] [insert adjective that I cannot think of right now]moment while driving today. Corey and I are in Cleveland until next week visiting my family. The Football Hall of Fame is about an hours drive away, so I decided to take him there. Normally I am a very aggressive driver. I tailgate, I speed, I swerve. But today, I went the exact speed limit, did not tailgate even once and stayed in pretty much the same lane the whole way through. I was thinking to myself When did I become an old lady? Why am I driving like a pansy? That's when it hit me. The baby has made me a safe driver. I didn't think it could be done. I've always made fun of my mother for being a slow and cautious driver and she always said, "Just wait until you have kids." I would just roll my eyes at her, but now I know what she means. The kid isn't even out yet and I'm trying to protect it in every possible way. I've never gotten into an accident speeding, tailgating or swerving, but now I'm just not willing to take those chances because now I have someone else to look out for. I guess this is just a moment that I wanted to share with you all. Have any of you had moments like these? Even those of you without children. Was there ever something that happened that just switched something in your head and you only realized it later?


I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Haven't had regular access to a computer for a few weeks. My husband's computer had to be sent in for repairs because Windows wasn't working and a few days later my computer's battery died and refuses to recharge. In that time many rant-y things have been going on in my head.

The first thing that comes to mind is something my husband told me last night. He said that in Israel some of the rabbis have gotten together and decided that when a woman takes a regular bus she should only enter through the back doors. Now, let's imagine for a second that this isn't completely insane. The first thing that popped into my head when I heard this was back in the days before the whole Civil Liberties, Martin Luther King Jr. thing, black people had to sit at the back of the bus. The Torah doesn't require women to be treated as second class citizens. Are they going to take away women's right to vote too? (To which my husband replied, "No, because they need the religious vote." -- How convenient.) I'm no feminist, but last time I checked no rabbi was allowed to tell me where I am supposed to sit on a bus. (There may be men at the back of the bus too... should women then just hold onto the bumper?)

I feel like I had more rants to post here, but I seem to have forgotten them all. I guess I'll explain the title of this post then. They are lyrics from a Queen song called "Bicycle Race", but that has very little to do with why I chose them. Basically just those lyrics apply to me right now. For the past four months I haven't been allowed to ride a bicycle. "Why?" you ask. Excellent question! Well, I'm pregnant! Yippee! I was debating actually putting a formal announcement in my blog, but this is good news and I'd like to share it with, well, pretty much everyone I can. Oh, and I don't know if all pregnant women are forbidden from riding bikes, but I am. I'm actually one of the few pregnant women who have been told that I am not allowed to exercise. I have an issue with my thyroid so I guess it makes my pregnancy slightly higher risk. Fear not, I have an endochrynologist who is taking good care of me and trying to get my thyroid hormone levels back to normal.

On a totally different topic, I think I'm going to start e-mailing and/or facebook messaging my friends once a week. I hardly ever see my friends because 1. some live in a different state, 2. the ones that live in the same state... well, I'm too lazy... and tired to make plans. But this way, I'll actually be able to keep in contact with people on a regular basis. Let's just hope people actually answer my e-mails...

Oh, and happy July 4th!

*Minor Edit: 7/6/08*
I updated my page. I added a new mix to the Mixology section. Took out a couple of links from the elsewhere section. And completely removed the art section (I only had two stories in it and I'm 95% sure no one ever read them). Please check out the new mix though. It is my favorite mix to date (including all the mixes I made for friends in high school).